We all want something in this life,

But truth is that only a few get what they really want,

From this world too.


People play their games, in life that is not supposed to be shown,

How pitiful, is that face that is scarred by you.


I don’t want to play any games, with the Satan holding all the names,

And God slowly whispering to saints,

I want to be part of something big,

No pleasure in that fantasy that no one wants.


I want to be free,

I want to be loved,

I want to be me – is all we hear since the dawn of this mental disease.


You want me too?

I don’t believe you do.

All I want is to see how far that lullaby will take you.


No reason to hide in this hive of nonsense and

The baldness of people who live alone.

People are shy so they pretend they are cool.

I want to see you go ahead and try that mask too.


Poetry or not,

I don’t believe in God.

There is a mystery in this world but I don’t call it Lord.

It’s flowing through every atom and every cell,

But I don’t believe it’s a bearded man.

It’s more like water that no one can see,

But we all tend to know and float in the sea,

Of it’s making alone.


Paradise. Do you want it?

I want it too.

I want to gaze upon the living from a faraway star,

Knowing that I got all the time and don’t plan to go very far.

Jeopardy is the limit we all know.

Fuck them. Stupid Gods of the no-no.

I don’t want to be a prisoner who obeys.

There is much more to life than even I can say.


Farewell, dear reader.

I hope you will get what you want,

It’s not easy but otherwise, it wouldn’t be gold.


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