They call me names

They call me names


They call me names

As they did so to all the saints.

I am now stuck in a middle of a plot,

A scheme, a game.

I was this and I was that,

But to me, it does the said.

I turn to this I turn to that,

They make me chuckle while I’m wearing shackles of the dead.

However it is not true, whatever they dare to call you ,

I know for sure, that name may change a man,

But it’s a better plan when a man changes the name!

Let’s not be afraid of what they call us!

Let’s take our destiny at our hands and have a chance!

They call us this and call us that, they called me a dick, and duck, and drunk,

Now I all I do is slam dunk their voices cause me, I, a self I have choices.

Life is not about listening to those who scream, and shout,

Life is about erasing all doubt.

But not the doubt of yot name, but rather doubt

Of your intentions and your game.

It may be too lame to be called so many names and do nothing, or go insane,

But the truth is it is the safest bet, to keep it quiet and make their shouts that are so loud

Go to nada, to empty nonexistent trash bag.


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