The Magic Wolf

The Magic Wolf

Magic Wolf
Magic Wolf

The story goes there were woods long ago by the city of Yorkshire, the folk tell different tales about the woods. They say there were little people living there. And fairies and Gods of old times. However, we are not going to talk about any of those. There are tales of a mystery of the Magic Wolf. The Wolf who never been seen by an ordinary man, the Wolf who saved the children when they got lost in the woods and who helped the weak when they got stuck in their way through the woods. There were legends about the Magic Wolf, he was like a guardian of the forest. People talked and talked about him.


And Jon never believed. He was a lecturer at the University of Yorkshire and he was lecturing about the history of York. York has had a long history and a lot of folklore and tales. But people kept telling Jon that the Magic Wolf was real.


Jon took a decision on himself to explore the thing. He took a leap of the fate and decided to get ready for the expedition in the woods. He packed his traveler’s backpack and put water, maps, cans of tomato beans, compass, flashlight, ropes, two sets of clothes and a lot of batteries inside the bag.


It put his favorite Barhma hat on his head and started to head towards the door leading to the entrance of his house. It was a fine day out there were no clouds nor anything on his way that would bother him on his journey towards the woods.


To say the truth Jon was a bit scared about what will happen, however, he knew that for the sake of his people he has to go there and explore what’s going on. He went slowly but with full determination towards the woods. He knew that there are plenty of animals living there and some parts of the woods are so thick that no man without a help of machete can pass.


He sincerely believed that man must be living in balance with nature. Otherwise, there would be no religion or anything like that. He moved slowly towards the borderline that separated the beginning of the woods and the plane ground.


Suddenly he saw the messenger that signaled him to enter the woods. In fact, it was just a crow, sitting on a branch and looking down at him. Then it produced the usual croaking that crows produce. This was funny but he made himself believe it was a sign. He finally stepped into the territory of the woods.

He went in, in a peaceful manner, he picked a stick that would assist him along his journey. It would be nice to have a friend along the way, but he did not want to bother anyone from the city, cause they were all busy folks and had kids, while he himself was single for most of his life. Nobody would miss him if anything happened. Besides, he reasoned that finding the truth about the Magic Wolf is far more important for the society than his service as a lecturer. The students were arrogant, the colleagues are unsupportive, he did what he did just because he truly believed in the cause as he was doing this very moment.


Breaching through the thickness of the bushes he finally spotted a fox hunting rabbits. He tried not attract any attention, he stood still and observed from behind a tiny bush. The fox was running after a rabbit and clunking its teeth. Finally reaching for a tiny bunny and taking it by the neck and escaping with its ray that would nourish it’s well being and strength through the rest of the day.


The scene was terrifying for the faint hearted but Jon seen this kind of things before, it did not bother him much. He simply observed the natural flow of nature and was fascinated by the agility of the fox, it’s determination. He was fascinated by the bunnies as well, they were running in a chaotic manner escaping their fatal destiny‚Ķ they’ve struggled for their lives.


After being a witness to the fox’s kill. He proceeded further through the forest till he reached a tiny stream, there had to be a river further he told himself. He stopped by the stream and refilled his flask. The water in it was so pure and sweet he never tasted such a pure thing ever before.


He took himself some time to rest a bit. Pulled out a can with the tomato beans and started to eat. After all walking and hopping over rocks and branches made him exhausted. It takes time to revitalize, he then stood up and took a note of the sun. It was about 2 past noon.


He knew he had to proceed with his hunt and buckled up his bag pack, and moved with double speed into the unknown. It wasn’t long before he reached the river and spotted a group of beavers building a dam.

He observed how they worked with persistence and genuine unlike the workers at the city that would bend the time just to get paid more. The beavers were building for themselves, they were giving there should into that construction. After all their offsprings were those who would be at stack if they’ve done a bad job. And yes, that persistence was inspiring. Jon observed them for over an hour before he got tired and decided to move further.


Time was going towards the sunset. He knew he had to find a safe place where the predators of the woods would find it hard to make a prey out of him. He has made it slowly upon of a massive oak. Jon found a wide enough branch, not too high and too low. Just at the perfect height so he wouldn’t fall prey to wolves or other predators that could come his way.


He pulled out his sleeping bag and started to prepare for sleep. The sleep did not come, even though the moon was coming out. He simply took a delight in the fresh air that the woods provided. And the stars he could see clearer than ever. It was wonderful. Jon fell asleep without noticing. He did not have any nightmares as he used to have while sleeping at his home in the city, he did not have any other dreams either. He simply slept the most peaceful sleep of his life.


The morning dew dripped upon his face from a leaf hanging on a branch above his head. He woke up in a very down to earth state of mind. And he has seen some kind of creatures crawling below the three. Their presence made waking up even more interesting than anything else. The whiskey he used to sip at the city made his brain play weird tricks on his mind. However now, he was completely sober. And woke up at an oxygen concentrated area. It has been completely inspiring to discover yourself above the ground, in a middle of the woods. Besides the creatures just fueled up the curiosity. It was certain that those things may or may not be connected, but certainly, they were very inspiring and inviting to explore further.


Getting of the three would scare the animals away. So all Jon could do is turn on his stomach really slow and observe the creatures interact between themselves. They were very curious about the surrounding, they couldn’t climb the three though.


They were chewing wild berries. This was very peculiar. Out of it’s kind one may say.

The portions they were consuming were abundant. Jon was observing with a severe grin on his face.

This kind of view had some sort of magic in itself.


The creatures were little and furry. They had very wide eyes and softly light palette of brown colors covering their fur. This all might be very serious. Cause such discoveries make it to the Encyclopedia. It was a shame he had no camera or couldn’t sketch too well.


This was interesting enough to keep him in the sleeping bag for 20 minutes more after he has awakened.

“Oh, sure he thought to himself, this might be their mother!” looking at the creature who approached them from a distance. It has been slightly bigger one. And somewhat resembling a female kind of hamster. But thrice the size.


“Well, that’s enough!” – said Jon and jumped of the three right next to their tiny pack. They spread all across in different directions. They were scared off by the stump he produced when landing upon the ground. This was it. It was the end of the observation of this weird creatures. He took a handful of wild berries laying on the grass under the tree, that they’ve dropped. It was nutritious in a way to consume the fresh produce of the woods. It was tastier than anything he has tried in years.


Life taught him to appreciate every moment he had ever experienced. And so he did. He smiled widely and chewed his wild berries. It took him about 20 minutes more to get his all stuff packed and set himself for the further exploration of the woods.


A number of shades he has received from the threes made it easy to avoid sunburns. It all was pleasant for the should to walk the way around the woods and explore the mysteries of nature.

No crowd, no anxiety, no pollution. Just he himself and nature.


Life has never been such a blessing before. It is certainly certain that the joys of the city are very different from the joy of nature. Nature had its own undefinable beauty.


Walking further into the woods meant he got farther from the city. It certainly had to be a very extraordinary experience even for the far more experienced travelers and scholars. But he was modest in his stead. He simply walked and observed and tried to ponder where the Magic Wolf could possibly be.


Patience and patience and patience. He kept telling himself. That’s what he learned at the University of Yorkshire. Be patient to yourself and to the people. Nature is no different.


It was about the right time to consider how the Magic Wolf preyed in the Woods.

The idea of such a Legend devouring the creatures of the forest seemed to be absurd to him.

So Jon pondered how and when the Magic Wolf would hunt for food. He thought about the possibility of the wolf being fed by some kind of mystic energy. There was a possibility that Woods supported the Wolf by some sort of sacrifice. Possible is the thing that the Magic Wolf required no prey at all to exist.


Jon went through the woods puzzled and contained within himself. He wondered whether there was an option for him to simulate some sort of situation for the Wolf so that he would appear by himself and so prove his own existence.


Jon had no idea to how possibly he could solve that problem until he had stumbled upon a stone. A stone had some sort of rune on itself. This was very interesting to him cause he knew what the rune meant.

He simply couldn’t believe he would find it in the wilderness of the woods.


The woods, they were very bushy and the walk became tougher and tougher with every mile.

Eventually, our hero started to climb branches in order to proceed with his walk.

It wasn’t easy, but good enough to continue the search.


Finally, Jon became so tired he had to have another nap, high on a tree.

High on a top of the tree, Jon could see all the landscape of the forest.


When Jon finally climbed the tree and managed to unfold his sleeping bag, he tried to pray as folk of the old North used to, just to get the ability to soothe his spirit and possibility to attract the favor of the magic wolf.


After about an hour of gazing at the stars, Jon finally fell asleep.

In his dream Jon seen the magic wolf saving little children from the darkness of the wilderness.

Or at least that was what Jon thought he has seen.


At the morning Jon took himself into hands and packed swiftly.

When he has climbed down from the tree, he saw interesting mushrooms growing by the tree.

He did not know whether they were poisonous or eatable so he simply cut one out with his pocket knife as a sample for further examination and went further to search for a real food.


Jon continued his journey towards the north. He kept telling himself that everything gonna is fine. He kept on climbing over the bush and listen carefully to the woods in order to spot the Magic Wolf when he gonna appear. Jon has even considered burning the woods in order to summon the Magic Wolf’s wrath upon himself and prove that he exists.


In the end, however, his heart took over his mind and he decided not to ruin lives of all the creatures living in the forest just to prove that their protector exists.


Jon continued his journey until he got accidentally interrupted by a boar. Boar was chasing his offspring and executed his parenting duties when he decided to attack Jon. Jon had a sharp knife and a stick and could defend himself, but he valued the life of brave parent more and decided to simply climb a tree and let the boar go away.


Jon found himself hanging up 5 meters from the ground. He kept looking down at the attempts of the boar to be a good parent. It has inspired him and he made a note in his diary “Parents care for their children as nobody would. Even a wild animal such as boar are protectful towards their offspring from adversities of life. We humans have much to learn even from the wild.”


After about 12 minutes, the boars ate enough of truffles and decided to go further into the woods, in an opposite direction to that which Jon choose to go.


Jon carefully climbed down of the three and spotted one of the truffles left, from the boar’s search. Jon took his knife and picked the truffle. It may be a good dinner or a good bargain at the market.


Jon knew he could walk the forest for days, months or years to come and find nothing. Magic wolf would only appear to those that are ready for him to appear. After a while, Jon decided that it’s enough and started to head back to the civilization.


Suddenly he has heard a cracking and spotted fire coming his way. From the side of the town.

He had to think swiftly because if he wouldn’t do anything the forest would get burned into ashes and all the animals would stay homeless.


Jon ran a distance of a mile back to the forest and grabbed as many branches as he could and spread across the forest in a paralleled line to the fire. He has started fire himself on this line. You may think why? Well, when fire meets fire there is nothing left to burn. Minus and minus give us a plus.


And so Jon saved the forest. He still could not any traces of the Magic Wolf. But when he headed back to town, the citizens stood close to the forest and awed. They saw the Magic wolf. Jon turned his head from side to side to see the world but the couldn’t. He turned around and yet he couldn’t see the magic wold. Finally, Jon pulled out a flask and saw himself shinning. He understood that he is in fact the magic wolf.


The End.

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