The Lame Dog Who Learned To Fight

The Lame Dog Who Learned To Fight

The Lame Dog
The Lame Dog

There was a dog that had no leg. And it’s owner really like it. The lame dog was curious about the world and wanted to walk the best possible way it could. So the owner took it to the vet and the vet tried to fix its leg, the dog started to walk with a help of a bionic prosthetic. The bionic prosthetic wasn’t the best substitute for a leg but it was good enough for the dog to be able to run and do some rapid walking.

Rapid walking was what the dog really liked. You know, it allowed the do to feel the wind and the youth again flowing in its veins.
“What a nonsense!” everybody thought, but smiled when the dog walked around cause they did not want to offend the owner.

The owner felt guilty he can’t make it better for his beloved dog but, he still made something and it did count.
The dog was running and walking rapidly, it especially liked walking at the parks where all the other dogs used to play.

The other dogs, unlike people, did not care much about an artificial leg of the lame dog, they did notice it was a bit different but recognized it as a dog. And all I can say overall the dog was happy of its life.

Until one day, a new big dog came into the park and that big dog started to bully our lame dog. At first, the lame dog did not understand ‘why?’.
Why all the hate? Afterwards, the owner of the lame dog noticed the bullying and protected the lame dog from the bully.

The lame dog was grateful for the protection and caring but knew there was something wrong with the whole situation. The whole situation of hostility to itself so the dog figured it better find a way to be able to resolve the situation by itself.

It started to train hard to run around the house and the backyard to do multiple exercises and eat healthy food.
Time after time the dog went into the park it got bullied by the big dog.

But the owner knew there something to learn from this situations. And kept walking with his dog into that park to try and straighten the spirit of the lame dog. The lame dog started to train even harder and even started to gain weight. The muscle was building but it still was no match for the bully dog.

The owner of the lame dog noticed the efforts of his pet. And started to help it out with training. Training was harsh but as they say hard in the gym easy at the ring.

Finally after a full month of bullying the lame dog finally was in the right spirit to fight back.
As they say, it’s not the size of the dog it the size of the fight in the dog.

And at that wonderful day, the dog gave the fight of its life. The bully dog approached and fought the lame dog, but this time the lame dog did not sustain the attacks but fought back, it lunged and barked and bit the bully dog till the bully dog had to flee. Once it did the lame dog felt a relief and self-worth of it rose high.

The owner was proud of it. The lame dog could stand for itself in this big world. And he knew that the lame dog is the best dog in the world.

The End

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