The Boy Who Taught Us To Fly

The Boy Who Taught Us To Fly

First Plane
First Plane

Once upon a time, there was a boy who wanted to fly. All he needed to do is to believe in himself but he couldn’t because he never been actually taught that. His parents once he told them he wants to fly told him that it is impossible and they will eventually make him write that upon a paper and hang it in a frame above his desk. He would see that notion every day in front of him and his hope in achieving his dreams would be slowly drowned away. But even after a year, the dream wouldn’t die out. He would secretly share this dream with his friends who would laugh at him just for imagining that such thing is even possible. However, there was one little lady that would really like him and she would encourage him to persuade his goal.¬† He would share with her his ideas his plans and sketches she would judge without bias and encourage to go further with plans that could actually work. He would believe in himself better every time they would meet, cause he learned that if she can believe in him, he can believe in himself. At first, days passed, then weeks, then months, then 2 years since they met.


He was 14 by this time and even tried some prototypes that failed but got his understanding of the physics behind the flight. His only friend, that girl Lucy, would adore his passion and take the role of a contributor in his projects. Her parents encouraged her even though they secretly speculated it may never work. His parents would know not a single thing about his experiments. He would play that role of a boy with a buried dream so that they wouldn’t have a doubt that he has even thought about that he has even thought about it further. One day the boy got an experience of 20-meter lift from the ground. Lucy was there by his side. He knew her he could trust. But that feeling of success was so powerful that he screamed “yes!” out very loudly what got an attention from a farmer. And that farmer was a close friend of the father of the boy. The boy did not know that. The farmer went to his parents and told them what he has seen. The parents were so furious that mum took the decision not to feed the boy for a week, the dad promised himself to whip the boy with his belt to teach him a lesson about misused trust and disobedience. The boy was so confident now that the flight is possible and there was Lucy to prove it.


He promised himself to tell his parents about his parents about his achievements when he gets home and even shows them his feasible part of success. Little he knew what waited for him home. He kissed Lucy on a cheek and went home full of inspiration and confidence in his success.


Lucy was happy too, and it was the first time that the boy she loved been confident enough to show his affection. It took time till the boy got home, and his parents waited for him on the porch. He was surprised when they greeted him with “Here is our disobedient son, coming home!”


He dragged him by the ear into the house and mother told the boy that he won’t see any food for a week!

The father told him that he has breached the trust of the family! The vow he took to forget that silly idea of the possibility of flight for mankind.


The boy cried and tried to defend himself with reasoning he loved his parents but he couldn’t help himself being a dreamer. Dreamers are born to change the world to bring the unthought to reality. Father whipped him to the point the boy couldn’t feel his buttocks. Then the boy was sent upstairs to his room without a supper. The boy was sobbing and sad and wanted to disappear, and then he remembered Lucy, and how she believed in him and it gave him hope. He promised himself to make it to the great hall of the learned men with Lucy by his side and show them his achievements.


It was a tough night for the boy but he has made through it. He left his house without a breakfast and once he saw Lucy again he told her everything about the beating and about the plan. Lucy was the same age as the boy but she was wiser as most of the girls are getting wiser than boys of the same age.


She could think of only one thing and that was going with her friend to the hall of the great learned men and showing them what they have achieved with their experiments. They skipped the school that day and made their way on a train to the hall of the great learned men. Once they arrived, they were greeted by a guard who questioned their affiliation with the place. Then Lucy said that they came to share their findings with one of the professors who was very known at the time and very well respected.


The guard was impressed with the knowledge of the girl as well as the boy. He softened a bit and told them he couldn’t let them in without an invitation, however, they could catch up with the professor at a coffee shop across the street the street where he usually had his dinner. However, the Guard made them vow not to disclose the source of that information and so they vowed.

They went into the coffee shop and waited there patiently informing the Barista that they are waiting for a tutor Barista nodded understanding and allowed them to wait.


Lucy and the boy were chatting in a hush so they wouldn’t bother the Barista or the clients.

Finally, when the professor came in and ordered his coffee and sandwich, Lucy has signaled the boy and they’ve approached him. Professor was puzzled as to what two cute little kids could possibly want from him.


Then Lucy broke the silence saying “sir, we are your huge admirers and willing to share our discovery with you.” We would like to have your professional opinion, sir!” The Professor smiled and look at the boy. The boy was so proud of how Lucy handled the situation. The professor could read it on his face and he said to himself it could be rude to dismiss such a brilliant effort.

He listened carefully to their whole story and even bought an orange juice to both of them with extra peanut butter biscuits. He studied the sketches and weighed every equation and calculation presented.

He was astonished at how those two kids achieved such distinguished work without any Academical aid. It was amazing. He invited them to his study and asked a permission to copy the notebook. They followed the Professor and past the Guard. Who was their assistant and into the study. Kids were fascinated by all amazing devices and books at the study there were items that kids did not know even existed in nature. It was fascinating!


The professor opened his own notebook and copied the essential equations, calculations, and schemes. When he was done he took the boy and Lucy to their homes. First, they’ve stopped at Lucy’s place to drop her there and the professor thanked her parents for raising such a wise child.

Then professor had to prepare mentally for an encounter with parents of the boy. He drove slowly to the house of the boy when he stopped his car close to the boy’s home. He almost felt the tension physically.


“I don’t know,” said the professor to the boy, but it seems that your parents are illiterate, it would be tough to find a common ground with them, but trust me I’ll do my best.


They’ve both left the car and went towards the house, the Professor knocked the door.

And father appeared he looked worried but yet recognized the professor. He knew that the Professor was working on the possibility of flight and he knew the Professor from his years at the school.

He hated physics and anyone who preached it. He said “why are you with my son? Don’t you have anything else to do? Like to waste the time with your stupid experiments at the laboratory?”

“Not now Jack, your son just made a discovery of the century that will more likely change the history and the planet as we know it!”

“Nonsense, he is just a boy with a silly dream, he can’t even do the dishes¬† how can he change the pass of the history?”

“He actually managed to do what I the Professor of the hall of the great learned men did not manage to my entire life”.

Father had nothing to say to this but only to be proud of his son “Welcome home, son!” – He said. And the boy saw his father happy and not angry for a first time over many years.

The End


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