The Aftermath

The Aftermath


The aftermath,

That vague word,

That makes you thrilled and question,

If the result of all your previous actions,

In fact was worth it.


The rhyme that you hear every time

When you close your eyes and look through the mind

You see the aftermath of coming time

Such is the destiny of human mind.


And every time you think about it

Every time your silk on a balcony

Dries up and you know it was right to put it

Under the sun and go away to run,

There is no question about what is done

Because the aftermath is laundry

That is well done.


So our thought like laundry clean themselves

In the whirlpool of different events,

The time passes by and you know what is the price

For everything and all

Under the sun there is only one goal,

To live, to thrive and make it in one piece through it all.


The destiny of demigods is lust and corruption,

That us even among the mortals vast,

Such is the life,

Such is the season,

We multiply without a reason.


A personal excuse of those who dream

About heaven is an aftermath of life

Among the demons.


We are nothing but grains of sand

Of dust, on this pure land,

That is so vast,

We are the people whole through blinks

Of Gods,

We are devoted to nothingness that guides us.


And once again I want to propel your actions

That, in fact, do well,

You should sit and meditate about lust, labor, and life

That is so vast.

That every time you look around you see yourself,

Working the ground

And soul fills with pleasure for the aftermath

Is your only treasure.


People should not forget,

That life is only full of debt to those

Who are afraid to a make a step and walk towards

The light ahead.


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