Poem to the Candle

Rich Fool
Rich Fool

I lit an old candle,

Couldn’t wait till tomorrow,

Made it spread it’s light today,

I still follow Zen and I obey,

I sit and meditate and let the light of the candle

Make my thoughts align like once aligned heavy stars.


I am of virtue seekers,

I am of the old breed of single-hearted barons,

Looking for solitude in shame and embarrassment in front of men and women,

Scolded by the children and the old,

I am an insanely sane bastard of old.

Killed the Never-after

Never After
Never After

That was not the thing I was after,

I killed the never-after,

With my blood stains.


I drank the pool of punch

And made her leave with ounce of respect,

I don’t, I don’t regret.


My life is a silly joke,

I forgot to play my sacred note,

Now I stay here,

Out of trouble,

Out of sense,

Living life full of pretense.


I killed the never after.

I killed the never after.

I killed… her love away.



Death at the Cubicle


I was living a life,

Sufficient enough to bake an apple pie,

From time to time I drank Guinness and not to bad of a Wine,

But when I am at work,

I do calls at a cubicle and it feels better than

Being worker,

Or a builder,

Or a carpenter,

Not as efficient but still better.

And when I die,

I will die at a cubicle and when I am in heaven

There will be no cubicles

But neither constructions too,

There would be me watching down on Earth,

Watching humans die their deaths at cubicles too.

Keep Swimming


Keep Swimming
Keep Swimming


Keep swimming, Dory said,

And she probably was right.

Negative positions are not something to get

Obsessed about. We all have bad days from time to time,

But keep swimming because a better day is there to come.


Many of us do creative work,

And we don’t see immediately the result,

That causes frustration,

And no negotiation makes it seem better,

Therefore just keep swimming the right result

Will surely come.


Creators of Google, Amazon and many others,

Did not make it happen in one day.

They took ideas that were unreliable and made them work


It’s all because they kept working. Doing what felt right and it got them,

Where it got.


Many reasons may appear and try to make you stop,

But the truth is they all are just little tests to your determination,

Create a world where you do what you like and the tests, would be easy pass.

Life isn’t easy. Nobody said it would be. But we can keep on going and that makes our hearts beat,

The reason for all that is that we want to have an impact with our dream.

So keep swimming.


Life is ever changing, sometimes beyond about of being rational,

But the fish in the water do what they did thousands year ago,

And we are not much different,

We do the same things but in new ways,

We can not invent the wheel again,

But we can improve it,

And the dreams that we dream,

Make it possible to open these doors.


Don’t forget about the chores,

We have lives beyond our goals.

We have to wash the dishes, do laundry and cook,

It all has to be done, so don’t get yourself too bruised,

As someone who already understood,

Keep swimming and doing good.

Life is short, and it’s not wasted if you persuade the dreams

That make you happy.

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