Domain Name

Domain Name
Domain Name

Domain name, is stand out when you are crafty

Domain name signals us about a site and wit of a master.

There are domain name investors and domain name brokers.

There are even silly names on the market not worth even a card from a player of poker.

There are times you don’t remember the tricky domain name,

Alas, not all domains are made equal or formed to remember, they are slacking in that show.

A limited amount of choice for start-up nation, of unique domain names, is prescribed by the number of people

On Earth, looking for the venture and its web analog source.

Every name has a place to be, but if you search for success, the domain name you choose will decide where are you going to be.

If the poem doesn’t sound as a source of a reason check out

It’s a fine domain name, used to sell and buy other domains. HA!

How crafty is that?

Now check it out and let me know,

what do you think about domain name business,

and this furious race for the name that will bring you a winner in this grand show?



The Everything Store – Brad Stone – Review

When opening this book for the first time I did not expect to get so much value as I actually did when finishing it.
The book is awesome and worth every penny. Brad Stone tells the story of struggle and success on Jeff Bezos’s behalf in building a household name in the sphere of eCommerce.

The book allows seeing how such an empire is built gradually. Jeff is ever experimental CEO who is ready to take risks and manage people in direction of immense success.

I would recommend this book to any Start Upper or eCom enthusiast.
I myself found it profound, entertaining, intelligent and at times even philosophical.
There is even Jeff’s personal email address mentioned at the end. So you could write to the CEO who is worth Billions yourself.

If you have any questions, go ahead an comment. Will gladly answer any of those.

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