Poem to the Candle

Rich Fool
Rich Fool

I lit an old candle,

Couldn’t wait till tomorrow,

Made it spread it’s light today,

I still follow Zen and I obey,

I sit and meditate and let the light of the candle

Make my thoughts align like once aligned heavy stars.


I am of virtue seekers,

I am of the old breed of single-hearted barons,

Looking for solitude in shame and embarrassment in front of men and women,

Scolded by the children and the old,

I am an insanely sane bastard of old.



The eventuality of things make us outline dreams,

We call them galls right then,

When we are able to see a finish line,

An opera to be.


No certainty in our lives,

But endless streams of feels and lies,

We are abrupt and pleasant,

At the very same time.

Let’s make it all as simple as we can,

Let’s tame the demon in our mind.


I see you are betraying your true self,

When you believe in lies and shallow self,

People are trying to rip off your heart,

Your mind,

You shouldn’t let them do so,

You should rather stay strong, stay bold.

There is no other like your self,

And only who will be there when you will die,

Is the man you call him ‘self’.


Not even wide, husband or mother,

Should be those who guide you to the other side,

To life past death,

No other man will touch you and make the dream disappear,

Only you and you alone can uncover the truth and make your true nature,

A part of a world that universe dreamt up.


But be aware, it’s the only essence of the time and gesture of the noble,

To sum up our existence and let the merits fall into their places, to make it right,

To make it just and never screw up.

Such is mine outline.

Lemon Drops

Lemon Tree
Lemon Tree

Lemon drops are falling on the chimney tops

And I sit here waiting for the cry from above the sky,

I want to see men and women live and never die,

But my soul is as mortal as the body it cultivates.

I want to see that lemon tree,

That makes the bird come and sit and sip the lemon drops from lemons

Hanging and giving life to all those who desire and want.

I want to make the life come into every cave and every house,

Just imagine a bird fly above the mouse,

Carrying the lemon seeds, that lemon fruit perhaps will grow,

In place, there was no lemon ever before.

I might sit and wait for my soul to be,

And spring or summer turn my head into

The endless mettle of a jumpy man,

But I know there are streets where the road is paved and by its side,

There are plentiful of relatives to my lemon tree.

Every day and every night

I can feel the smell that smells so well,

That lemon flavor got out, and into the house, where I lay and read a book

That fills me with doubt.

Precious are moments that we don’t see, don’t feel but they are out,

And make us alive even when we don’t care that much really about.

Say Something

Say Something
Say Something
Say Something


Everybody knows about my life

I don’t wanna get caught in a web

I kinda strive out of the middle of it

I can help myself

I just want you to know that you are something I can’t have

Something I really want but I shouldn’t have

Becuase life is a struggle and the loneliness does me right.

I will die alone, but even that is all completely alright.


Death of Humane

Death of Socrates
Death of Socrates
Death of Socrates

Slowly trying to make things complex

When all we need are green trees and warm caves for sex.

We soon gonna have flying cars and uber smart robots

But all we really need is attention and love of our friends.

The rest is clearly doing stuff the way that is so wrong,

Native Americans needed no dollars and no robots,

But they knew what happiness was.

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