One man was obsessed.

He knew his computer better than his best friend.


He searched for a wife on a website.

And for a job through LinkedIn,


It all was well known,

It was already seen,


That time spent by the PC

Is cultivating your ego,

Something you call ‘me’.


He was neither famous,

He was nor rich,


He had no parents neither he had not any kids,

He has been on his computer hours and hours long,


He knew every comment, every reply

On his Facebook, tinder, Quora, and Shopify


His life hasn’t evolved

He did some coding and browsing and HTML


However, he has never had a soulmate

Or a real friend.


His wife long ago has left him

For what she thought was a real man


His job was marketing and a review

He was obsessed with CNN, TechCrunch, and Medium too!


He was elaborate in writing and brave on the blog.

He Tindered and Tindered till his thumb would endlessly hurt!


His God was Google and he was praying for it every day,

He was compassionate but only to those

Who commented and liked his memes and oldest of posts.


Wifi was a blessing,

Routers – a deliverance from Gabriel,

Life was a feast of letters, of posts and chunks of code!



True God was still laughing,

Because that man thought that there was no deity at all,

But server, Linux, and cPanel host.


The cloud was full,

Hard Drive always cool,

The Hardware was present and Raspberry Pi ruled the peasant PC


No woman stayed for too long

No man ever knew how or what will outrun his CPU


And the brain of our hero who has long ago gone completely insane

However there was some hope,


True God knew how to fix that man’s heart

God has sent him a virus, a symbol, a bug.


It was like a poem,

Some little beetle climbed inside his Lenovo


And took there a ride, through circuits and boards

The man had thought it was a hand of a Devil


He booked an urgent queue at a Computer Lab

And there, there was the student lady


Searching for wisest of men.

She instantly knew he was the one!


She seriously thought what she could to become his beloved

Hacker, Lady, and Padawan.


She knew that she could melt his coolers

And turn his circuit board into true lover’s heart.

She knew he could land her his mind, sync pad, and RAM.


Brave was the girl and with use of Psychology 101

She made quick sketch and asked him

“Sir are you alone? Where is your mum?”

His face turned green, and suddenly red then blue


And completely sad.

He started slowly and with the biggest concern

And a sign of sorrow and pinch of regret.

“My mother has died not so long ago, she was my best friend, this computer

Of mine is her Legacy to the world,

It’s her heart and her brain as one.


“I wish I had known the reason for such loss

I wish I would know the reason and how to restore

Her final spark her final gloss!”


He started to sob, a bit after

A bit after a while, he recovered and asked

“What can you do?”

The girl knew how hard it is to lose your best friend,

Life-giver and sunshine of childhood

And teacher of time and sand.


She knew because she lost

Her mother too,

But every life has an end, she realized that too.


And they were there standing together

Thinking about what was gone

Thinking of mothers and talking machines

There was a sparkle a chemistry,

If you like.


A mystery of quantum mechanics!

And there was love, that history hadn’t known,

But maybe it all will teach you a lesson,

My dear friend,

To value your mother before any device,

Before any soft, Bitcoin or a VA.


Your mother that gave you your life,

Your mother that gave you the world.


It might be a nightmare to live with no understanding,

But it would be worse to not know

That there are people worth your befriending.


As for our heroes, they’ve lived long happy lives,

Had children and plenty of times worth epic odes,

But the time now is to gain understanding that your mother,

Is a mother of your final odds.


The End.


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