Short Story About A Battle Against The Colony Of Mars

Short Story About A Battle Against The Colony Of Mars


The words will come out they said, they said time will come and the vision will get clear.
You will be able to see again, you’ll be able to love with your eyes. I doubt if anyone ever thought of it but a single thing that ever gave me hope was that Podcast I was listening to, about the science of the mind.
Some thought it was wicked but I knew there is truth in these ideas. There is the truth, there is truth in every single one of them. “I want you to see again”, Jennifer told me, I want you to see our child, to see her grow and become an adult.

My name is Jack Wilson, I lost my sight at war with Martians. I just wanted to see again and be able to love my life and the planet not only as I have remembered it but as how it has become.

Martians invaded in August 2031. I was at the British battalion of the Photonic Machinery. I was just a soldier but it was enough to become a hero.

I survived when many of my friends fallen the death of the brave and all I can say is that I’m so grateful to the Lord for that I may have lost the ability to see but not the ability to hope.

Indulgence in a fight since our victory kept many veterans in high spirits, but myself and my wife., we were of a different belief. All we wanted was the ability to Love what has left of this world after the war.

Yes, indeed the old saying goes that mutual enemy unites. I can say with certainty that people underestimate that statement. Only one thing that really matters to us is our survival. But when an outside enemy hot the Earth it’s all nations stood as one.

It was not aliens. It was people from a Mars colony that went there at 2025 with SpaceX project.
It’s not Musk’s fault, he never knew. He fought to the last breath with these ego-centered Martians that were so sure of their superiority that they vowed to overthrow entire Earth by an army of cyborgs integrated with AI. Human nature poorly handles fear, there are only two things a non-meditative human being can do in the state of fear, it’s either flee or fight. Meditative being has this option available however about it later.

I remember it clearly as if it happened today. It was July 2032 we’ve been at war for over a year and it hurts to say but many of us started to lose faith. AI cyborgs were so advanced and predicted our moves on many levels until one brave hero arose from an unknown location with a brilliant strategy that defied the outcome of the way. He has chosen to remain Anonymous and never said what was his country of origin.

We knew little about him but his speeches in our worldwide guerrilla community were inspiring each and every one of us. They were translated into all spoken languages and encrypted to special frequency.

One thing is for certain the man was of high influence to us all and was visionary that gave us all hope.

My role was little but I’m grateful to live in the same era he did. His brilliant plan was to sacrifice our central command center, lure the cyborgs and their commander to our Leaders hideout and infect their CPUs with a frequency that would decode their vision of our commander as their Martian leaders, and then our Leaders would order them to destroy the actual Martian colony rascals, while they would think they are invading Earth.

The plan was known only to select few at the time, and I was selected to be a guard of our Prime Minister during the outtake. I did not know anything about this scheme and did not suspect how it all would unfold.

I’m only grateful I was a part of it even though I was just a pawn in this big Game of the brightest minds and human history. I lost my sight when the virus was activated. I had bionic eyes back then, cause I was born blind. The Swiss scientists and researchers of the Blue Brain gave me sight at 2026, I was able to see. After the war was over, I could have installed bionic eyes once more. As a hero, I had the privilege. However, I did not want to deal with Machinery in my body ever again.

I guess it is a psychological issue and I did attempt therapy, without any success. I probably will die with that pathology, but I don’t care It’s 2034 now as I write this and the Podcast I’ve been listening to has people with the same concerns and ideology of how we should rebuild physically and mentally.

Not only our planet but our minds and society as well. They said you will be able to see again to love with your eyes. I start to understand now. I don’t need robot particles in my body to restore my sight. I don’t need them to transplant biological eyes grown in a laboratory at the risk of loss of my life.

All I need is to open my heart and the mind will follow. I think many of us could use a little of that from time to time. And about that third option of the state of fear is, in fact, something my wife read to me from one of the books the earth saver has published under this very name. It was this excerpt that I will carry in my heart to the very last day, cause thanks to it I’m no longer afraid of it to come.

It says: “Go inside of yourself and see the root of fear, you know that it is your ignorance your inability to control the outcome. But when you come to this world as a child you absolutely nothing. Not how to speak or eat, or consume, you only open your eyes and see the world for the first time in your life. And you smile, you’re happy even though many see you cry like a baby, well cause you’re a baby but you know that after your mother hugs you for the first time you smile and find peace. So the fear is ignorance and when you’re born your mind is zero you are ignorant and you find peace. You can not flee or fight, you accept what is there and breathe”.

The End


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