There are plenty of different books,

There are many new ideas,

I mean there much to read about much that happened or will happen.


Publishing changed,

And so the authors did as well.

We write a book to stand alone,

But sometimes we make series in worlds no one lives in,

It’s just the stream of thoughts and stream of mind,

Recovering from reality that is often unkind.


The easier kind is to make a hero run,

Heroes run and enjoy their adventure,

People like the characters and look forward to seeing them

More and more,

I surely I understand because I read as well,

So the journey of a writer begins,

With the first word in a place

Where no one was ever before.

The only author knows what will happen next,

But giving a glimpse of life that is not,

Is something of value as a pure gold.


We write series and write plots,

We write stand alone book too,

But that doesn’t change the world,

But creates new worlds.


You don’t mix ghosts and werewolves,

But you can create a world where ghosts fight werewolves,

Like the book and a film where werewolves fight vampires.


Some books are there to scare,

Some other to entertain,

Some other make us laugh,

But I admire the most books that make us think and ponder.


I know that some books are boring

To some other men,

And some are interesting to them,

When they are boring to me.

But most important part is to be able to read

What makes you wonder, what makes you free.


Some things make more sense than the others.

Some things make us better some other worse.

Schematics. Only Schematics. Make us tick.


The series. Think of it, some stories long for several books.

And some other tend to end just with a hook.

I don’t want to know how it ends for you,

I only want you to know what you, yourself should do.

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