Revenge Of The Butterflies

Revenge Of The Butterflies


Once, long ago there were tribes of butterflies living in the fields of yore. Somehow people knew that the butterflies were sacred. Sacred and busy with their holy doings.

Some butterflies were white and some were black. The white butterflies were the light bringers and the dark butterflies were the night bringers. People knew all that and were very respectful to the butterflies.

All life of the days of yore was turning around these butterflies, people were building shrines for the light and night bringers. People were very respectful to each and every butterfly when they had the chance to see them.

All was going well, shrines for the butterflies were built in every town and village until one-day Mechanicus appeared from the depth of the mountains and proclaimed that machines are the light and night bringers while butterflies are just mistakenly taken to be in charge of these matters.

Mechanicus brought a camera with him to the largest city of yore and showed a recording to everyone how yellow butterflies pass through a machine made mass and turn black. How some other yellow butterflies pass through a filter and turn white.

The entire country was awed by what has been uncovered. Some people claimed that they have been living their entire life in a lie.

Some other protested and called Mechanicus a greedy hoaxer.

The world has been divided into two fractions. The first fraction called itself “Mechanics”. The other “Revenge Of The Butterflies”.

Mechanics” wanted all the butterflies numbered and observed with help of electronic chips mixed into a potion.

ROTB” wanted to preserve the calm and the honor in the nation toward the butterflies and their accidental well doing.

There was a boy of 14 y.o. named Malcolm, his older brother joined the Mechanics and was trying to convince Malcolm to do that as well.

Malcolm, however, loved his not so long ago deceased mother. In turn, that love ignited memories of him and her together going into the woods and gathering resources to build a shrine for the white butterflies. Then memories of them praying together at the shrine. And finally a memory of one butterfly arriving at the shrine while he and his mother were praying. For Malcolm, memories were all he had left of his mother. And they were all connected to the butterflies and belief of them bringing the light and the night to the citizens of yore.

Wonderful stories connected all of the members of “ROTB” and Malcolm wanted to be part of that movement. Even if it meant going against his older brother.

The older brother came in when Malcolm was writing at his desk.

Jack approached Malcolm and tore from him that piece of paper Malcolm was writing.

It was a prayer.

Prayer to the light bringers. Jack made an angry face and tore the letter into little pieces.

He said “Stop being such a fool. They are fooling you. They’ve been fooling us all for centuries! You won’t be able to return mum anyway!”

Malcolm stood up and looked his older physically more superior brother in the eye and said

You are the only fool around here!”

Jack had nothing to say, his face turned red from the amount of anger he felt, his hands closed into fists and started to shake. But then he recalled that it’s his only family left standing in front of him and he swallowed all of that anger and went out of the room bursting with “Fine. Smart ass!”

Jack not only left the room he has left the house it was his final moment with his little brother before he and the gang of other “Mechanics” were ready to go and hunt the light and night bringers. Their plan was known only to the leaders of their cohorts, and it happened that Jack was a leader of his cohort. Their plan was to go to the mountains and reach the gathering of the yellow butterflies and add a containment of a special potion into the pool. That potion would mark the night and the light bringers in such way that they would traceable and won’t have their own will but would be controlled by a switch.

Malcolm wasn’t a fool but he did not know about the plan. He did not have many friends either.

But he had a big heart. And he had a plan of his own. He packed the little he had, putting some food and clothes in his bag. He took the last remaining picture of his mother with him and of course the compass.

The compass that he had crafted with his mother when he was only 10 years old. He never knew his father, the mother told he died one dark night saving them from a wolf pack.

Malcolm did not remember that or how his father looked. He was so little back then, his mother told, that he even never questioned what was going on in the world, prior that horrible accident.

Malcolm went exactly at the same direction Jack’s cohort went out. There were nine of them. Nine Mechanics led by Jack.

Malcolm followed them with a great distance. His ability to interact with birds gave him the vision of the cohort as they walked in a far away manner.

Malcolm knew that he would need all the help he could get, from nature or other ROTBies, because fighting alone against even one cohort is futile and doomed to failure.

He used his extrasensory ability to manipulate the birds to gain a vision of the opposition.

ROTBies were spreading around as fiercely as the Mechanics. There were fights going on.

Malcolm knew he had to keep himself safe if he wanted his plan to succeed.

He knew that the fate of the entire nation depends on his careful planning.

He went carefully after the cohort that was lead by his brother.

When they’ve finally achieved the point at the mountains where the butterflies were turning to light and night bringers, Malcolm would not wait any longer.

He initiated the attack of the birds upon the cohort. The kids who were lead by Jack got into a panic while he was screaming “Hold your position!”. But nobody would listen, people fear what they can not understand and they couldn’t understand the birds attacking them all of a sudden.

They interpreted that as a sign of their wrongdoing and started to flee.

Jack though was not harmed by birds, cause Malcolm did not want to hurt his own brother.

Jack lunged to the transformation source and tried to insert the potion. But one of the birds took it away right a moment before he spilled all the containment into the source.

That was the moment Jack felt defeat. He wanted to kill the bird so he started to scream and throw things in its direction. Finally, Jack saw Malcolm coming out of the bush and the bird landing on his hand and passing him the potion. Jack was furious. Malcolm started to talk

You know, the mother wouldn’t like you to do that.”

I know and that is the main reason why I’m doing this. Do you know who Mechanicus is really are?”

No, and I don’t really care…”

Stop! Just stop! Mechanicus is our father!”

Such a tense silence has never been felt at the mountains of Yore.

But then it was broken again.

You’re lying!”

Why would I? He is our father you were too young to remember but I myself sure he is. I can recognize him.”

So why is he doing what he is doing?”’

Revenge. He want’s to take revenge on butterflies. They ruined his life. He couldn’t see for very long time after the brawl with the wolf pack. He was practically blind. Until one fine day, he fell into the source and could see again.”


And he wanted revenge.”

By the time Jack and Malcolm were finished with there dialogue, all the ROTBies were in a distance to hear them. The Mechanics were disarmed from their potions.

And there were flying night and light bringers everywhere. Butterflies were free and the source was pure. Untainted.

Malcolm stood a top of the hill so everyone could see him.

Mother taught me to appreciate nature and love my surrounding. Mother never wanted revenge to it, even though she lived in sense of loss of her most dear person. Our father.

Father though, couldn’t take his fear away and seek for revenge that’s the reason we are all standing here.” Malcolm lifted his hand up and brought it fiercely down by so breaking the bottle with the potion into little pieces.

Mechanicus showed from the crowd and went towards Malcolm full of tears.

My son. You’re more man than me. You are brave and loving and wise. Please forgive me. All forgive me.”

It was a family reunion and no longer anyone was opposing anyone. It was a reunion of the days of yore.

The End

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