Piece of advice

Piece of advice


The thing is that no matter how hard you try, at some point you will fail.

Most people do.

It doesn’t mean you won’t achieve success, however, you will fail a lot along the way.

All the things you do, for yourself, for others and to others, may be seen as good and as bad.  Some of the rewards you will give would seem to someone as their success, some punishments you would inflict upon others would be seen as their failure by those people.

It is true to you as well.

The only thing that really matters is to keep on living and keep on making those mistakes, but try to remember and affect those people in a positive manner, even though most of us remember stronger the negative, the positive side is far more important because of it’s compassionate nature. That change you gave to the homeless guy on the street, that extra chance you gave to your student, or piece of advice you gave to your neighbor are all very important cause even by little they all fortify the will to keep on living, keep on trying.

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