Dying again

Raechell appears to me and toasts her puddings Like no one else where people care for meat and sex I look inside the mind and disappear in reflections of the past Little china wants me to break it gently With years I start to understand There is no need There is no stand Life is … Read more

Whiter than the whitest snow I hope I won’t be late for thine final show I know I’ve been avenged ten-twenty times However I know that the time Is the only asset I don’t posses I hope I will have a doze of splendidly smelling rose However dear, don’t bother in offending me I know … Read more

Not many like to admit it, however there are things that are way off the ordinary As an example I may outline the fact that people who are surrounded by people from different regions of the same country act as if they are enemies and try to spy out themselves to the ground, I however … Read more

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