Zen stones
Zen stones

“Do you vibrate?” Garry asked.

“No, not yet. Do you?”

“It seems so.”

“I don’t know Garry, this is weird. I’m almost sure that I have never done anything like this before.”

“It’s good, trust me.”

We set in a dark room, in front of a white a wall, in a small house in Indiana.

I was sweaty. But it wasn’t as important as my first initiation into Zen that just was taking place.

How are you supposed to feel, about sitting in Vipassana and watching your breath for the first time? I probably will never know an answer to this question.

One thing was for sure. It is fun. You don’t levitate but you start seeing your mind operate.

You start to benefit from every second, you start to live.

“Next time on Sunday!” Garry said.

“Don’t forget to read the Chronicles.”

“I won’t Garry, thanks!”

“No worries bud, just do what you do, and I will do what I find necessary. The time will show if we are right.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Read the Chronicles.”

I left and while walking home I looked up and it was a full moon.

Does the moon know it is the moon?


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