Biotech Laboratory
Biotech Laboratory

“So much weird shit was going on!” – I thought to myself.

What I gonna do?

To run away? – Nah, that is not an option.

To surrender? – that would be a coward.

To go ahead and try to drop an EPM bomb? – that would be vicious but effective.

But I have decided on something else… I decided I will go rogue on those bionic bastards.

I took my little baton and replaced the energy source at it.

I had to start small and make my way to the armory. So I took one of the clones out and strapped his armor upon myself.

Next, I went according to the hologram map what was embedded into his left hand, once there I had two choices either to take out both of the guards in a brutal brawl or just sneak past them pretending I’m on duty. The thing is that everything is under surveillance so I simply had to act as cautiously as I possibly could. I decided I will try my luck and go out to pretend to be their command. This thing did not go as I have expected. When I approached the guards, the first thing they asked was “Number?” I had no idea what was the number so I had to act quickly and disable both of them. I said “Just look at this passes that the General Commander has given me” and made a gesture as if I was withdrawing something out of the back side of my utility belt. My palm was closed but lifted towards their faces. “Show me!” he has commanded. I opened my arm and pressed a small button, two poisoned arrow shot, one the right the other one to the left. Both died instantly. I picked a huge blaster one of them was holding and shot the cameras down across all of the halls. I had just about a minute before the missing cameras would be spotted and the squat team would be deployed. I took the pass of one of the guards and broke in into the armory. I took a belt of supersonic grenades, two plastic electrifying daggers and one empowered Tesla gun, it came with two batteries that you could care on the sides of your thighs with a special strap on, unlike those from 2020. I had no time to lose as I already heard the serene calling out and they declared that armory section was breached. I had two options to die trying to fight my way out through this armory and never get even remotely close to the bionics producing lab, or go through the vent and hope that they don’t have death gas disposers installed over there. That leads me to a thought. I looked around at the safety equipment and for my surprise, there were two gas masks. I grabbed one it put it on instead of a helmet. I used a grappling hook to get myself up to the venting. When I started to crawl I heard the squat team already made it to the armory. I grabbed one of the supersonic grenades and set it on 3 seconds. Threw it off to the opening through which I came in. I started to crawl as fast as I possibly could and the there was such a huge explosion that I found myself falling from a ceiling of a room I was crawling atop of. Found myself in a shower room, for my unmeasurable luck it was empty. I looked around and decided I had to act quickly if I wanted to stay alive at least to the moment of completion of my mission. I set the radio wave one the left hand of the armor that was streaming the inter-unit security talk. They deployed 20 droids in direction of the armory. And they wanted to seal the sector A.

Okay, after they seal the sector I practically have no chance to get to the bionic lab. They would find and gun me down eventually. But I had a plan I pulled out the digital projection plan of the station from my utility belt and checked if the venting would lead me to the lab eventually. Now that I had enough weapons to fight their creation I only had to be patient enough to crawl my way through the vent.


Meanwhile, at the command center:

General Commander! The armory has been destroyed, the squad team was torn into pieces with the supersonic grenade, that was stolen from the armory few seconds prior.

Did you manage to record the intruder?

The cameras were destroyed, sir. However, the recording we have prior their destruction is on our servers and it will be pulled up in 2 seconds.

Commander looked at the screen and reacted, his face is covered. We have no idea who it is but what we know is that he is familiar without weaponry and the plan of our building. He can not be a simple representative of the opposition. Give me a shot of what the cameras within the armory managed to record?

General commander watched the short recording of the diversion and concluded:

The sealing of the sector won’t stop him, he is using the venting. Also, he is the only one who is wearing a gas mask. We have t use a different strategy.

I want a team to be deployed to the vent in here and here, I want crab drones to be sent into the vent to hunt this fucker down. We can’t let him compromise our mission.


After half oh hour of crawling I noticed some noise, however, I could not tell from what direction it was coming. I pulled the Tesla gun out and prepared for battle. I knew they’d figure out that I’m in the middle of fun doing my way tho their most valuable creation. Just as I was passing one of the gas boxes, I just thought I might activate it and try to eliminate the humans among them, besides it would cause trouble to every human out there, but the command room. Those in charge always value their lives more than of the regular folk.

So be it, I have to destroy the lab, or there would be no end to it. This technology is way too dangerous. I took my plastic knife and activated the gas. It flowed all through ventilation openings and I could tell by the coughing it has started to take an effect. However, the sounds of crawling haven’t stopped, even though I’ve heard no human voice on the radio wave. It was drones I figured.

By the time the gas has evaporated, I was in the section C. It’s where the lab is located. I simply blasted the funnel and jumped off into the room that according to the plan was a Laboratory assistants dining room. There were a couple of dead bodies, cause the gas took effect.

I took a second to catch my breath. The drones were quick and yet I had just enough time to face the ultimate demon made by humans to enslave humans.

I walked out of the dining room, using the pass I got from one of the guards near the armory and melted the slit between the door and the wall with my Tesla gun so the drones would have to work to get out and so I would few extra seconds.

The lab wasn’t far away a ran toward it and made it there in a minute. I was lucky enough to catch one of the lab rats opening the door to it for me. I sliced that guy’s throat with the dagger and began my rampage throwing supersonic grenades through all of the laboratories. All men were dead in 5 minutes. The bionic monster whose consciousness was controlled by the command center was released however the activation of the control chip was not complete.

I pulled my gas mask off. The monster opened his eyes and stared at me with surprise, it’s face unrecognizable after merging of artificial parts and flesh. “Jack?”

“Yes, father. It’s me.” I smiled.

Suddenly the speaker commanded destroy the intruder, the drones started to emerge from behind and I had but few seconds to complete my mission.

The monster roared and lunged towards the drones, destroying each one of them with his mechanical limbs. All I had to do is to take both electro-plastic daggers and put one of them into his head and the other at his back at the place where the heart was located. Another roar and attempt to turn, I’ve activated the electricity, “did they get me from behind, Jack?”

mechanical limbs. All I had to do is to take both electro-plastic daggers and put one of them into his head and the other at his back at the place where the heart was located. Another roar and attempt to turn, I’ve activated the electricity, “did they get me from behind, Jack?”

“Yes, they did father, let me take care of it.”

I shot the Tesla gun upon the dagger electrifying the heart of the beast that once was my father, multiplying the energy flowing through it by thousands and finally the flesh and the parts exploded, leaving no trace of a humanoid creature that was there just a few seconds ago.

Mission accomplished. Now I had two choices, one to end my life just right here or to try and escape. I knew I had to take the computer down for them not to be able to reproduce that experiment. So I took a last charge of the Tesla gun and directed it to the main frame. Everything started to implode. The blast threw me to the other side of the laboratories.

Surprisingly I survived. Can’t remember how I made it out, but I do remember the scent of the fresh air that I felt when I woke up…

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