Maricahi and a Tusk

Maricahi and a Tusk

guitar case

Mariachi fellow

Played Guitar

And a German fellow

Was heading to a restaurant

Finally he came back and saw the Mexican

Napping on his back

He approached him and asked: Can you play on a guitar made from tusk?

Mariachi was confused

Tusk – he thought, is that kind of wood?

Bur he was broke so he said: Yes, sir I can play it as long as there is a string

So the German man, held him the case, In which a guitar of an unknown maze

Rested in it’s own place.

Mariachi was astonished, such a guitar such a glory,

Well better be playing it before it’s end of a story.

And he has started to play.

The sounds though the sounds were like real horde of mammoth

The German man, rubbed his hands.

Soon he’ll be famous and rich like his Jewish friend.

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