“I told you, Lester, we are not doing this!”

“We will Jack, we will. Otherwise, I will”

“I won’t be doing it, Lester, you are on your own.”



Lester went away and when I turned around all I saw is his descending back, he walked in ferocious tempo and with determination.

I thought to myself what a pity. To loose another friend to Capitalism.

I went home.

When I got my one room apartment I realized there is nothing for him to succeed in it.

I picked a phone and dialed the number. “Yes?” a very croaky voice answered.

“I think you know what to do. He is up to it”

“Okay” the other line answered, and I hang up.

Next day I saw the news.

The reporter was saying “Professor in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge has been found dead. His body was burnt alive in his car, after an accident. He was working on…”

I switched the Tele off.

He was working on AI that would plant out fields artificially and would increase the crops production by 225%. But it is bad for business…






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