The Lame Dog in the Jungle

The Lame Dog in the Jungle

Lame Dog
Lame Dog

A long time ago there was a lame dog, it had no leg and it had to learn to survive on its own. As we previously learned the dog was courageous enough to follow the owners lead and learn to protect itself. But today we have a different story. Today the dog will have to learn to do it through the Jungle.

You see the dog and the owner, this time made it to the Amazonian Jungle. They took a plane to Brazil. The owner was happy and the dog been excited too.

However, something went wrong with the plane and the next thing that the dog noticed it was in a middle of the jungle.
The owner was not in any near sight. The dog had to rely on its skill through the jungle. The parrots, the monkeys the boars. Everything new, everything with a plethora of new scents and senses.

The dog has had to find its ground among all that new scenery, and number one mission of the dog has been to find it’s owner.
At first, the dog had to go through the jungle and follow the weak presence of scent of its owner.

As you may or may not know, but the scent senses of the dog are 10,000 stronger than those of a man.
“It may take an eternity”, the dog thought to itself “I shouldn’t give up”. It may be a longer journey than I’ve ever planned but I’m sure that my owner is there alive and I may achieve the peace I’ve always had, once I reach it.

The dog may be naive, but it’s true to its heart. True to its heart as any loyal dog should be.
Since the dog was strapped high on a tree in a parachute, it had to cut the ropes with its teeth in order to make it back to the ground.
And with three legs, well it’s not easy to land on four legs, but landing on three legs is far tougher.

Time has passed on and help did not come but in form of short but meaningful interactions with the inhabitants of the jungle.
Time and time again, the dog was passing over the dwellers of the jungle and it was seriously annoying not to know what all of them meant with their smiles and beautiful noises.

But the dog was sure in its senses and trusted only a little to each and every one.
The dog has learned while living in the city that it’s better to question everything coming your way, and better than that question yourself.
The dog knew it was not like any other regular dog and had the right mind to question its ability to do great in this world.

But what was for sure, is that it’s owner, that owner that was lost right now, he believed in the dog and since the owner was the only true friend to the dog, it has been questioning itself less.

Time after time the world has proving the dog that it may find it’s own place under the sun, cause you know, and you know for sure that life finds a way.

Now the dog was on the ground, in a middle of the Brazilian jungle.
It’s the only clue was the napkin of the owner.

The dog carefully took the time to examine the napkin and make it clear to itself that the owner indeed been on the flight and did not simply send the dog away.

Now the dog only had one mission, it wanted to find the owner safe and in good health.
The dog began its journey heading north. Where trees were thicker and the presence of bigger creatures been natural.

After about 6 miles the dog met a Python, that was devouring a rabbit. The dog got scared and ran rapidly away, further into the jungle.
Time showed that it was a wise decision as the dog met three more Pythons on its way that was oblivious to try some new kind of meat.

Poor dog ran 7 miles more and found it’s refugee among raccoon. The raccoon was friendly and accepted the dog as a good old friend helping to carry out its mission they shared some food with the dog and helped with a clue from the owner.

Owner has dropped his favorite bookmark some where along the way and the raccoon found it interesting cause it was shiny and had a golden frame around it.

The dog sniffed it as hard as it could and continued its way north. The dog was sure the master was there.

After running 8 more miles dogging angry monkeys, albino bats and cheetahs it has finally reached the dead volcano of the north of the jungle.
The dog new that inactive volcano is something that would interest its owner. The owner used to read stories about volcano out loud for the dog.

Now all that dog been thinking about was finding the owner. And not even the swiftest cheetah in the whole Brazil could stop it.
The dog found a favorite cards deck of the owner and it was it’s final clue cause finding cards one after another was quite simple for the dog. There was a track and finally, the dog found the owner when found the last card the Jack of spades.

The owner was sitting there and sketching something in his notebook.
The owner lifted his eyes from the sketchbook and when he saw the dog, tears started to drop from his eyes.
“Franky! You found me! Oh, dear pal, I don’t know what I would do without you!” “Whoof! Whoof!” All that dog could answer.
And it was so happy it started to tear itself.

“We gonna get out of here Franky! We are going back home. Home to New York.”

The End

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