Internet Scam

Internet Scam


The Internet is full of scam,

There are these and there are that.

But all of them want to take your money

And make you live in debt.


Fifty percent of deals online,

Are things that you think that better and worth your dime,

But the truth is that the most of the things,

Are the things you don’t need

They make you believe that you want them,

And they at times succeed.


So many scammers online looking for a way,

To make easy living,

What I can assure is that most of them,

Aren’t dreaming.

They are here to stay,

And as year pass they get craftier and blend with the mass.


People are silly, people are wise,

Crafty scammers seek for your demise,

At first, they charge a little bit and then they switch to bigger

Grid, their greed is the fuel of their deeds.


I can assure as the man who been online since the 2000s

I know most of the tricks,

Because to tell you the truth I fell into some,

It was gruesome experience,

And I even betrayed my own keen,

And made myself run,

But I came back a wiser man,

And hopefully fixed what I have done.


Now I mainly resume into writing,

The keyboard isn’t biting,

I may get a very little pay,

But truth satisfaction and possibility to make it bigger one day

Puts my mind at ease and I feel Okay.


Life is short story,

Google everything before you confirm,

Try to be careful with your dimes

And where they are shown,

After all is not an easy get,

It’s way easier to be scammed

Or waste and get into debt.


I hope you learned a thing or two and

Can protect your wealth too.

Good luck, my dear friend,

The Internet is not going to make on you another percent!


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