Fuck You Money

Fuck You Money

Fuck you money
Fuck you money


“Fuck you money” – is all we are looking for,

I million or two and a home.

When we can work only if we like to,

When we can talk with whom we really like.

When the sunset and sunrise are not an allegorical way of fate to get us closer

To our demise.


I want a mill or two and a decent house.

I want a woman and a child

To take my mind away from brooding for a while.

I want a life with no surprises but with pleasant events and sister, I want that girl

To erase my doubt.


No man on earth is that holly

That he never dreamed of “Fuck you money” too.

All I’m saying is that our dreams may come true,

We all might become millionaires and drag it through.

All I want is to be free and do what I really like to do.


Maybe my writing will one day grant me that money,

Or maybe it will take me to a grave,

I only know that I must write to not feel a complete defeat.

Some have it well, some have it better, some don’t mind a dollar,

Some don’t mind a hundred, I want to be able not to mind money at all

“Fuck you money” is always good.


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