My Favorite Book in Harry Potter Series and Why I love it

My Favorite Book in Harry Potter Series and Why I love it

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

To be honest I think it’s kinda obvious. The first time you get a taste of a wine is, in fact, the moment when you understand whether you like it or not. I liked it. The magic of the story about a boy who lives in stressed conditions with a family that it’s little to say despises him. More than that the boy possesses unique qualities. His hair grows back when shaved. He can at times predict the future and read thoughts.

It’s been a while since I read the book, and I’m not as big of a fan to know it by heart like some do with the bible.

All I can say it’s that to me as an immigrant from Kazakhstan settling here in Israel, who spoke English better than Hebrew at that time, made me feel for Harry.

I wanted to be a Wizard when I was a kid, who doesn’t? Especially a chosen one, remarkable wizard.

I liked how Harry gradually uncovered the world of Magic while encountering colorful characters like Hagrid, Malfoy, Snape and of course a pair of great friends that accompanied him throughout his journey, Hermione, and Ron.

The magic of the story that brings an outcast to a world where he belongs as sort of a Prince (too small and inexperienced for a King, yet) where wands and flying brooms are normal as pigeons in our world, is absolutely brilliant. And if you need my word to starts reading Harry Potter, then go for it start from the beginning, you won’t regret it.

But I haven’t told you the most important part, what the title states. Why it is my favorite of the seven books.

It is my favorite book in the whole series because it opens the door to that world of J.K Rowling for the first time.

It shows the ropes, how everything works and functions for the first time. And that taste of the wine that I mentioned before, it’s the best for the first time cause makes you feel something you never felt before. Subsequent encounters with Harry’s world only reinforce that first feeling.  And of course, it is the shortest book in the series. Don’t get me wrong, I do not diminish the importance of eloquent story, but I like it when the story develops as precipitously as possible. Subsequent books are lengthier and the story develops slower, of course, there are far more easter eggs in them but it also takes more time to read.

Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone – is my favorite book cause it’s first in the series and because it’s the shortest. Here I summarized it for you if you were looking for TL;DR.


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