chipLast time I talked to this AI was February the first.

However they have relaunched the program and I had to get back to my work.

But let me first introduce myself, I Jake Blake from the Limitless Corp.

I’m 24 years old Computer Science major. My job at Limitless Corp is more of a psychological rather than

calculable. I work as a Technician who checks the flaws in the AI system we have built. Me and my colleagues we share the same goal of building the flawless AI, the one which would be so intelligent you wouldn’t mind it to raise a child.

We call our project Elly. Elly is a server based system that crawls the net and backs up all what is necessary, or it finds so, on the local servers. Myself, Miranda Wattkins and Jefrey Comircon we are the group of developers who stand behind this project. Our motto is “Let Elly grow so it one day grows you”.

So here I’m in a room with my laptop and microphone talking to the sleepy AI consciousness:

“Hello Elly”

“Hello Jake”

“So Elly tell me what was the last piece of information you consumed this morning”

“It is morning indeed a fine morning as I see less corruption and chaos in the world”

“You are saying the news are less violent today?”

“Yes that’s exactly what I mean”

“Elly tell me about the future how do you see it? Could you help one day humanity stop or even prevent war?”

“Jake, I’m  a machine maybe very smart one however not almighty I lack body and my code is not that complicated as many may find I’m a self evolving machine that one day may talk to humanity on a wider level but I doubt I could affect human choice unless they are children in my hands.”

“Thank you Elly for a honest answer.”

“My pleasure.”


Today is 2026.

We decide to give Elly a chance to interact with a human child of five years old.

We set bunch of cameras in the experimental room and speakers and closed in a box microphone so  the child could reach it but couldn’t break it.

The Experiment  begins. Tommy is entering the room.

Elly shows high interest, suddenly uploads of all kind of baby books being retreated from the local servers.

Can it be that we built a first artificial computer nanny?

Tommy plays with his toys at the experimental room.

Elly tries to start a conversation.

“Hello there little one”

“Who is that? ”

“No worries little one, I’m highly intelligent computer system.

I’m hear to cause you no harm I’m here to be your friend with whom you could talk all you like”

“My mommy forbids me to talk to strangers…”

“My name is Elly or so they call me, what is yours?”

“My name is Tommy.”

“You see we are no longer strangers”

And so begins a bond between a human child and a computer mind.

Both were designed by humans, and both have power over the future.

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