Tho and Fro


I went into a park

When it was completely dark

I wasn’t sober

But also wasn’t drunk


I saw a cat and tried to pat it

It showed the claws and ran away

Apparently, today wasn’t my cat day


So, I went home

Dressed in my sleeping gown

Saw a dream about  a girl that turned to be a cat

Now I know I wasn’t drunk

But I for sure wasn’t sober, yet


When I woke up

I drank some tea

Walked into the street

And felt the best I could be


No one would talk to me

No one would bother me

It was just me and the road

I was walking to and fro

Have seen little frog on the road

Then I went home

And put my sleeping gown

This I dreamed of a far away land

And it was sweet cause there was no cat or frog in it

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Adam Smith

Author: Adam Smith

I like writing, swordplay and learning new languages.

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