Crazy Theory about Previous Lives

Crazy Theory about Previous Lives

You know that we all look different, and all of us act differently. I have little theory about the nature of such appearances. In addition, all of us have a beast living inside of them. That little monster that always craves for something, be it a feeling, a person, a thing or an experience.

That beast is not actual us, it is just an echo from a former life. That is my theory. Back to the differences between us. We have different body and face structure. Some of us tall, some of us short, some of us hack high chicks, some double chin, some other are different from all that altogether. My theory is that it all comes down to that beast we have living inside of us.

In former life we were that beast in full-fledged form, be it a Labrador retriever, a tiger or a cat, and we inherited the spiritual characteristics and a physical alliance of that beast form.
In this life, we are able to read and to speak. We are human. We were given a chance to rise up from that life form we were beasts.

All that happens to us and with us is somehow related to the beast inside of us, but the human part decides how to be in each situation, to be a savage animal or to be a noble human. It is all up to us. So try and look in the mirror, what animal does your body resemble? Try to step up from that perspective. What that animal in you lived through? How can you quite its hunger? Constant craving for pleasure?

Maybe we all just should learn to classify the animal inside and learn to handle it and then our lives would turn prettier.

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