Nobody needs your writing,
Your dull agony.
Your pain of a prophet,
Your saint’s misery.

The words you put online,
The words that show your soul,
The words listed here, and everywhere you go,
They are not needed anymore,
Just a needle in a haystack,
And there is not one reader who would search you with a magnet,
To make it count or meaningful at all.

Keep Swimming


Keep Swimming
Keep Swimming


Keep swimming, Dory said,

And she probably was right.

Negative positions are not something to get

Obsessed about. We all have bad days from time to time,

But keep swimming because a better day is there to come.


Many of us do creative work,

And we don’t see immediately the result,

That causes frustration,

And no negotiation makes it seem better,

Therefore just keep swimming the right result

Will surely come.


Creators of Google, Amazon and many others,

Did not make it happen in one day.

They took ideas that were unreliable and made them work


It’s all because they kept working. Doing what felt right and it got them,

Where it got.


Many reasons may appear and try to make you stop,

But the truth is they all are just little tests to your determination,

Create a world where you do what you like and the tests, would be easy pass.

Life isn’t easy. Nobody said it would be. But we can keep on going and that makes our hearts beat,

The reason for all that is that we want to have an impact with our dream.

So keep swimming.


Life is ever changing, sometimes beyond about of being rational,

But the fish in the water do what they did thousands year ago,

And we are not much different,

We do the same things but in new ways,

We can not invent the wheel again,

But we can improve it,

And the dreams that we dream,

Make it possible to open these doors.


Don’t forget about the chores,

We have lives beyond our goals.

We have to wash the dishes, do laundry and cook,

It all has to be done, so don’t get yourself too bruised,

As someone who already understood,

Keep swimming and doing good.

Life is short, and it’s not wasted if you persuade the dreams

That make you happy.

Young and Foolish

Young and Foolish
Young and Foolish

Young and foolish we skip around,

Searching for something we could conquer

And be proud of.

But what is all the doubt?

Why shout? To fight? To take people down?

When all we need is to be wiser and kinder

To the outer bounds.


There are remarkable people

Coming from time to time,

And they get stronger each day,

They are also young, but are they foolish?

Or do they have a key that opens the doors of their minds?

Such is the challenge for many,

To open the doors or shut them up.

Are you here to make the world move or get moved by the world?


We are here to do what we were made to do,

And that we make the world a little better place,

Than when we came in.

We don’t have much time to be young and foolish.

Sure we should have time to have fun,

But do we really try to make it better?


Existence. Social judgment and failure,

These things make us collapse,

Under certain circumstances,

We are here to live our lives and make our mistakes,

But we certainly can minimize the bad outcomes.

We can minimize the mistakes and make the world less bitter,

More friendly of a place.


When we work, we do something good.

A tremendous amount of effort was put to build the networks,

That create our world,

To take a meaningful path is the hardest choice to make,

But we shouldn’t collapse in front of the choice,

We should find grace in every moment,

In every voice.


Like Peterson said,

If you live a pathological life you pathologize your society,

And that my friend is hell.

So why to build hell when you can build heaven?

Life is all about measures,

Let’s concentrate on the good and bring solutions on,

Instead of bringing the problems.


Anger is not a key to life.

Patience is.

The Magic of the Time

Cloud Pie
Cloud Pie

The magic of the time,

Is more expensive than any golden dime,

I want to see you through an ocean,

If all you have is a dozen minutes before your head explodes

And you no longer sin.


Anyway, the magic and the time,

Are two possible things we should outline,

They put us to a test of our worth,

And so we do what we should because otherwise

We wouldn’t be understood

If we wouldn’t fail, but if you wouldn’t fall

You wouldn’t kn0w you could or couldn’t

And if it was that easy, you wouldn’t want it,

Becuase if anyone could reach it,

It wouldn’t be worth to stretch your hands towards it.


Many know the right words,

Some other know the chords,

And third ones put all together and make a song,

Such is life, only a few make it worthier than it was before.


We are here and here is that,

What we want and next door there is a neighbor you will never know

You will never want to know,

Becuase how would you dare to waste the magic of the time,

Upon someone who is even saying ‘hello’, ‘bye’ or ‘let it go’ when you hold and won’t let it go?

After all, we choose our own friends and where we hang out too,

So let us do what we do,

Because we are alive for only so long,

And that is our herd.


Clumsy dance of the mortals along the sunrises and sunsets,

Magic of the time makes us regret,

We are here wasted and full of sin,

Music made us sing…


We are alive and and we are here to complete the rest,

That’s what we do,

Screw those who don’t believe in you,

Make it up and bake some cloud,

It’s worthy to eat a pie in form of a cloud.

That one is without a doubt.

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