Broken Angel

Broken Angel

Broken Angel
Broken Angel

Every time I struggle alone,

Every time I am the war of my own,

I want to fly high and away, to heaven,

A place I could call home.


But the truth is not every broken angel

Got the guts, got the spine,

We are rather torn,

We can not fight it all completely alone.


The world is a huge place.

Merit is scarce, so is the gain,

We only live through loss and pain.

I want to tell you a story of a broken angel,

Broken angel, is one who falls from the sky,

But yet tries to fly.

In that attempt not to turn human and die,

Broken Angel, grasps for the last straw of divine power

That is long ago gone.


Beware of the things they tell you about broken angels

They are only lonely because of heavenly adventure,

Remember Michael? Or Gabriel?

They were the most known

Even remarked in the house from over the hill.


Now we don’t know what happened to them,

But millennia┬ápassed and we haven’t heard

About news or wars that were, as mighty as events

Of the biblical past.


Now the broken angel is aghast walking among the humans,

And recalling his own past.


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