If You Have a Boring Life – You’re Doing Something Right

If You Have a Boring Life – You’re Doing Something Right

No war? No wounded or gravely ill in your family? No famine?

You’re lucky. If you live in a first world country you have everything needed in the world to

live a fulfilled happy life. Yes at first you may not achieve your dreams and not be a superstar, but you may have a job, a home, and someone special to love you. And to many on the other side of the globe it’s like a blessing from above.

Think of it yourself, you’ve studied in school you have the privilege to have a higher education and you may move around a vast chunk of the earth without need in a passport or visa.

Also, you have one of the most valuable currencies on earth in your pocket (Yes I’m talking about Americans and Europeans). Don’t get me wrong I don’t envy anyone (maybe just the traveling part) but if you have all those you’re pretty much set and you need to try really hard to fuck up your situation. What I don’t wish to anyone. Just go ahead and fulfill your dreams while having a job. A steady stream of income is important, and you will know whether you are singer or entrepreneur wannabe. It gives a room for experiments. Other than that YOU SHOULD FEEL BORED. Yes, I said it. It means everything is A-OK. It means somebody loves you there over the cloud. A boring life is like a peaceful sea well designed for prosperity and all kind of awesome actions. Be careful with what you wish. Be careful in general and only good will come your way.

Now you know why boring life is better than one full of adventure.

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