Once I had a dream. Not that kind that you tel yourself you want to achieve but rather the kind, that comes to you when you are asleep.

I was walking up stairs. They are wide Roman type paved stairs. I was walking ’em as long as I could remember, I was walking for so long I’ve physically aged. But then I reached a walk of dark. And I couldn’t continue the journey. So I turned my back to the darkness and set down on the last stair before that wall. I felt depressed, cause I couldn’t continue my journey. While I walked those stairs there were countlesss wars on the ground that did not interrfer my journey. Men, women, children, animals all life forms lived and died for uknown reasons. There were meteors falling from a sky and leaving beautiful cities in ruins and spreading doom and extinction upon the planet. It did not interfere my journey. At times new forms of life appeared and dissapeared again just to reappear as an evolutinary result of itself in a long time after that. I still was climbing the stairs. One time there was long lasting night around the stairs and rain and thunder. All that was around the stairs and did not interefer my journey, untill I reached that wall of darkness. Now as I sit with my back to it depressed, I lift my look and see all of the stairs I’ve climbed, I see al the land around it. It made me smile. It was a long journey and got this far. I even couldn’t say where was the beginning of it. I simply felt warmth spreading through my body when I realized how long I’ve been walking this path. Then a sparkle appeared from behind. A tiny amber rolled in front of me. And then went dark. I felt that it was a sign, that there is a solution to this dark wall that blocks my path. That only path I took my whole time of existence. Suddenly I realized that the wall reacts to my inner pondering. I closed my eyes and started to do an inner search. I thought of how cold and lonely was my journey, of how I have aged and my body got weaker. My steps slower my breath heavier. And the Darkness turned even darker. I thought then about how I have outlived all the species down there, all the men, women and children. And the Darkness got slightly brighter. Finally I asked my self a question I never asked myself before. “Why?”, Why? – Am I climbing? ¬†What is the purpose of my journey. The Darkness became so bright I could see the steps beyond it, but I could not walk further, yet. It has left only to find the answers to these questions. I thought that no one would find the answers to those even in my lifetime. So I simply sood there and gazed at the other side if the path. I looked and looked, and I finally realized. I can not continue the path as a human I have to become god. Suddenly I had the access to walk further. As I’ve continued upstairs the body became younger, my feet were lighter and I never felt as good ever before. I climbed and climbed and I finally reached the top. There was only bright light but nothing else. I’ve merged with the light…

When I woke up from the dream, I was only on the first step.

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