Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

People say he may rise again

I live in Israel and Jew from Jerusalem is my friend

Timewise I’m always nice

Be it a Jew, a Muslim or Christian too

I say hello to all of my friends

From different religions

And economical ends


You gotta learn how to earn

And money is always speaking of good service

So be good to your neighbor as Jesus once said

Don’t be too mad or too bad

It always comes back


I can say for sure

That whatever you do

You gotta let your anger through

And never let it go out on the people in doubt

First, it isn’t nice

Second, you lose point of life

Third, it’s not the way of light

So don’t tell me to come to the dark side

Cause it’s always a lie

Be good at what you do

Be best at what you love

That is true struggle

True test from above

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