Drown yourself away

Cowboy hat

Cowboy hat

You can drown yourself away

You can drown yourself away in whiskey and beer any day

Also, you can stop and gaze at the stars

And start to wrap up what you have seen through the years on this scene

And I will ask you for an honest answer

For an honest choice

Have you heard your own voice?

When you dumped one you have loved

And left them all, all behind

Left with the wind

And went away

All I ask for is humble truth

Have you seen how has turned your youth?

Anytime you can just stop, look around

And fill the gap

All I want is just to know have you seen the end of the show?

And the whiskey and the beer

Maybe sour and maybe sweet

But I know that you drink out of your own greed

Every time I glance at you

I just I know why I shouldn’t too

And I see that the end is near

Have nothing left not even fear

And I see that the world is done

And I know that I’ll have some fun…

When the world is done

When the world is done.



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