As We Age

As We Age


As we age and our frugal bodies become fragile,

As our site is no longer as sharp as it used to be,

As our muscles become flabby,

And mind full of clouds,

We are still there to remind the youngsters that

The greatest enemy of all is time.


The time that it is so hard to conquer and maintain,

The time that plays with us an endless game,

The time that ticks away and leaves us nothing,

But the dust of our life and trust.


Such is the life you might think or say,

But today and every day

I will think of days that are still to come,

The days that would guide us to the final dawn.


And the essence of it all is not to bow down,

And not to fall,

The essence of it all is to continue forward

And to ignore the pain that makes us stumble and at times fall,

The essence of it all is to be strong and show the youngsters a good

Example of how to be in full control.


Extraordinary days may wait ahead,

But what truly matters is how we live our now,

For not in vain it’s called present,

It is a gift that was given us to make the bitter things,

Somewhat pleasant.


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