It was six at the morning when Andreus woke up.

He took his body and stood up. Went to the kitchen to put the pot on a gas to have a boiling water.

Then he made tea. Slow tiny sips and the cup was empty.

He washed the empty cup and went to the salon.

He had no TV, but just a window to the street.

It was sort of a ritual to look through the window and search for unusual circumstances he was so good at collecting.

One time he saw three legged dog barking at a bigger dog and this later one was absolutely absent for this barking.

The other time he saw teens giving a cigarette to the youngest kid among them, he was about twelve…

Today he saw a plant. Not just regular plant or bush or a tree it was a plant that grew out of the asphalt, right out of the concrete.

How encouraging it is to see life gives a struggle against all the odds and winning at it.

Andreus smiled and started to change his pajamas to the working suit, there was someone else who had to give a fight for the right to live and that was Andreus.


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