Adam Smith
Adam Smith

My name is Adam, Adam Smith to be exact.

I was born on 11 July 1991 in Almaty Kazakhstan.

Moved with most of my family into Israel in the summer of 2000.

I changed my name when I was 18. Legally. Yes, you can do that.

I write poetry, short stories and recently trying myself in writing novels.

My language of choice for writing in English. Why? Because I love it.

Love the sound of this language and richness of expression it provides.

My mother tongue is Russian but I’ve been learning English since the age of six.

Since then I advanced quiet a lot. I also speak Hebrew, as I live in Israel and it is a necessity.

I started this blog in 2012 when I was on the road traveling through all of Israel.

It also was a period of time I was homeless. I was homeless for about a year, I ran from home, dropping out of last year high school previously and I believe all that came as a result of a burn out in school.

While being homeless I never did drugs or engaged in criminal activity, besides stealing candy from supermarkets one or two times. Never been caught, though.

During this year, I read books, explored Israel, spoke out with tourists from all around the world, and even fell in love with a girl from Germany.

It all could end with a wedding if it wasn’t for my ego. Never mind that, I learned.

I also did extensive meditation practice, Zazen to be exact. I am a follower of Kwan  Um school of Zen.

I admire the work of the master Seung Sahn. Wish I could meet him, but unfortunately, it’s too late, maybe in the afterlife though. That was partly a joke.

I returned home after that year and lived separately from my family for four years in different rehabilitation hostels and a complete year independently alone. I was working the most of that time. Different jobs, never staying anywhere for longer than half a year. I kept writing through all of that time, too. As of writing this lines,

I’m back with my family again.

Have self-published two books in 2014 for the first time, with the help of CreateSpace.

I like Swordplay as a sport, even though it’s not that practiced here in Israel. Planned to start my own gig where I could teach it, but there is a certification necessary and it requires an investment of amount I never had.

Although I practiced traditional Fencing and Karate here in Israel, it’s nothing like swordplay.

I also have a Russian teaching vlog at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpDdTowbQ5yGiB9uVxtSlVA

It teaches you Russian through classical Russian Poetry with videos and texts.

I’ve been taught Python, Pascal, and HTML at school. Even though I never had a programming job I benefit from that knowledge from time to time.

I’m picked PHP and other programming languages at http://www.TeamTreeHouse.com

This website is built on WordPress, so it’s basically a mesh of PHP and HTML with CSS.

I’m trying myself in Game Design with Unity, in spare time. When I have it.

For private lessons or business, suggestions contact me through the contact form or skype dragonpoe2.

Twitter: @prockstem

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Prockstem

Instagram: @prockstem

That’s about it, Thank you.

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