5 Books I Recommend to Read to Understand the World a Bit Better

5 Books I Recommend to Read to Understand the World a Bit Better





Great philosophical and poetic compilation of metaphysical ideas that may be found and understood in our techno world now more than ever. Laozi was a philosopher who’s magnum opus is this book. Laozi even impressed Confucious by his wisdom. From my self, I can say that it’s the only book I read twice in my life. It is short, very informative and perfect pointer on the way if you’re in a search for balance in this world. Religious school of Daoism regards it as it’s bible. Zen also grasped some ideas from it.

The Compass Of Zen – is a contemporary work about Zen from a Korean master who lived in the 20th century. I personally owe that book a lot of my understanding of philosophical values and an understanding of the way.
The price might be a throwback but it’s worth the wisdom and simplicity contained inside.

Think and grow rich – it’s like a bible of the contemporary rich man wannabe. It contains secrets of self-control, insight, thinking big and belief of course. This book is more than one hundred years old and was written by a great businessman of all time Napoleon Hill.

Compelling people is a great scientifically written insight into modern ying and yang. Warmth or strength or a perfect balance of both. This book gives you advice on how to find a job, be a great speaker, attract right attention online, and even how to start a right personal relationship.

The Cyber Effect – is a very educational scientifically based meditation from a perspective of a cyber psychologist upon the ultra digital world that we all are living in. You can learn such shocking facts on deaths of gamers due overplaying, parent addictions to the cyber to the point of negligence toward a child and much more. Very informative and necessary to read if you plan to live diligently through 2017, 2018 and on.

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