3 Hard Harsh Truths About Creating or Being a Start up

3 Hard Harsh Truths About Creating or Being a Start up


There is plenty of buzz in the air about how cool it is to be a startup and how every door in the world opens for you.

The truth is it’s an uphill battle for most of us and for most of the time, until the moment you close your first fiscal year with profit to prove you are actually what you are.

Here are the three hard harsh truths to make you more grounded and think how it really is:

1.Logo is not a holy cross

You higher a designer and expect for a symbol that will help you lead a revolution and change the world. To tell you the truth it’s not that important. It’s not the messenger it’s the message as Gypsy Smith used to say.

Apple changed their logo about four times. And they are still one of the best at what they do. So better think of a general idea that symbolizes your work and hire a $5 freelancer at Fiverr to make it go. At least at first.

2. MVP – is the most important part

Minimum viable product. Something you can sell as it is and it already delivers some cool functionality. For example, if you have written don’t edit 20 times before it’s super polished claim your ground at edit number 2 with self-publishing. You will be able to see the crowd reacts to what you are and what you do without killing yourself in the race for perfection.

3. The talent won’t come knocking at your door

The people who are awesome at what they do, look for great environments for being. They don’t run just after the idea or just after the money. There is usually a very delicate balance between both. You have to headhunt the best of the best and allow them to feel as an asset that is not last for you and for the company. Do what you must lure the skillful and you will be rewarded.

It’s not easy to hustle, but if it was, everybody would do it and be good at it.


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