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Poem to the Candle

Rich Fool
Rich Fool

I lit an old candle,

Couldn’t wait till tomorrow,

Made it spread it’s light today,

I still follow Zen and I obey,

I sit and meditate and let the light of the candle

Make my thoughts align like once aligned heavy stars.


I am of virtue seekers,

I am of the old breed of single-hearted barons,

Looking for solitude in shame and embarrassmentĀ in front of men and women,

Scolded by the children and the old,

I am an insanely sane bastard of old.

Killed the Never-after

Never After
Never After

That was not the thing I was after,

I killed the never-after,

With my blood stains.


I drank the pool of punch

And made her leave with ounce of respect,

I don’t, I don’t regret.


My life is a silly joke,

I forgot to play my sacred note,

Now I stay here,

Out of trouble,

Out of sense,

Living life full of pretense.


I killed the never after.

I killed the never after.

I killed… her love away.



Death at the Cubicle


I was living a life,

Sufficient enough to bake an apple pie,

From time to time I drank Guinness and not to bad of a Wine,

But when I am at work,

I do calls at a cubicle and it feels better than

Being worker,

Or a builder,

Or a carpenter,

Not as efficient but still better.

And when I die,

I will die at a cubicle and when I am in heaven

There will be no cubicles

But neither constructions too,

There would be me watching down on Earth,

Watching humans die their deaths at cubicles too.

Air Guitar

Air Guitar
Air Guitar

I wonder if you could be a star,

Playing that old air guitar.


Time lapses on the faith,

As child collapses,


All I do is play for you

That old twist song

On my guitar, with strings

From air and bridge made out of thoughts

And it’s all fare,

Cause I can play any song,

While I hold my air guitar whole night long,

Strumming tune after tune to make the whole hall ring as a whole.



Ode to Friendship


I tried to tell you jokes,

And you got some spare time,

To listen to my sighs.

All those goodbyes!


Oh, life is going by and doesn’t get much better,

But I know we all want to strive,

And so the life beneath,

The masks we wear to hide from the life

That passes a breeze.


Our friendship is what matters,

Let’s magnify the moments,

Let’s play the make-believe,

After all, we are all just breathers

Of oxygen produced by a tree.


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