They call me names


They call me names

As they did so to all the saints.

I am now stuck in a middle of a plot,

A scheme, a game.

I was this and I was that,

But to me, it does the said.

I turn to this I turn to that,

They make me chuckle while I’m wearing shackles of the dead.

However it is not true, whatever they dare to call you ,

I know for sure, that name may change a man,

But it’s a better plan when a man changes the name!

Let’s not be afraid of what they call us!

Let’s take our destiny at our hands and have a chance!

They call us this and call us that, they called me a dick, and duck, and drunk,

Now I all I do is slam dunk their voices cause me, I, a self I have choices.

Life is not about listening to those who scream, and shout,

Life is about erasing all doubt.

But not the doubt of yot name, but rather doubt

Of your intentions and your game.

It may be too lame to be called so many names and do nothing, or go insane,

But the truth is it is the safest bet, to keep it quiet and make their shouts that are so loud

Go to nada, to empty nonexistent trash bag.


Price of living

Price of living
Price of living

Price of living only goes up,

So say the elders.

I want only a bread and a butter,

Therefore I work from the morning

Up till the night.


I want to have clothes and music CDs,

You may call me old-fashioned,

But for me, life is not a breeze.


Such is the way,

I guess,

People are strangers

And walk stranger ways.


I believe there is only time

That can defeat us.

It makes our skin wrinkle and thoughts fade away.

I tend to be waiting for my turn to get older

Be weak and fading away.


Stop me if I’m wrong

Stop me if I’m dying

Peace is coming our way

Peace is coming its own time


People stand in disbelief and wait for God

To cease,

But the earth is not flat,

There are stories written in the Bible

That still require proofs

And time will show right

That there is a unique force

Guiding the skies.


Price of living is sadness

Emotions and stress,

Price of living is being beaten

And rising alone.

Price of living is an ability to fall

And fail when you want to win,

But the winner never takes it all,

There is always something left,

For loser to win back.



Fuck You Money

Fuck you money
Fuck you money


“Fuck you money” – is all we are looking for,

I million or two and a home.

When we can work only if we like to,

When we can talk with whom we really like.

When the sunset and sunrise are not an allegorical way of fate to get us closer

To our demise.


I want a mill or two and a decent house.

I want a woman and a child

To take my mind away from brooding for a while.

I want a life with no surprises but with pleasant events and sister, I want that girl

To erase my doubt.


No man on earth is that holly

That he never dreamed of “Fuck you money” too.

All I’m saying is that our dreams may come true,

We all might become millionaires and drag it through.

All I want is to be free and do what I really like to do.


Maybe my writing will one day grant me that money,

Or maybe it will take me to a grave,

I only know that I must write to not feel a complete defeat.

Some have it well, some have it better, some don’t mind a dollar,

Some don’t mind a hundred, I want to be able not to mind money at all

“Fuck you money” is always good.


As We Age


As we age and our frugal bodies become fragile,

As our site is no longer as sharp as it used to be,

As our muscles become flabby,

And mind full of clouds,

We are still there to remind the youngsters that

The greatest enemy of all is time.


The time that it is so hard to conquer and maintain,

The time that plays with us an endless game,

The time that ticks away and leaves us nothing,

But the dust of our life and trust.


Such is the life you might think or say,

But today and every day

I will think of days that are still to come,

The days that would guide us to the final dawn.


And the essence of it all is not to bow down,

And not to fall,

The essence of it all is to continue forward

And to ignore the pain that makes us stumble and at times fall,

The essence of it all is to be strong and show the youngsters a good

Example of how to be in full control.


Extraordinary days may wait ahead,

But what truly matters is how we live our now,

For not in vain it’s called present,

It is a gift that was given us to make the bitter things,

Somewhat pleasant.


Dating Scheme

Dating Scheme
Dating Scheme

Every day and every night we seek for someone to make it right,

We make no excuse to those who don’t fit our tender spark,

That lits the life and there to embark us on a journey to a different start.

We are sometimes serious and sometimes playful, full of glee.

We are searching for our life partner, the person that would be there and make us a little bit more free.


The dating scheme in life is as necessary as gas for a car to drive,

We have to have a plan, be it a movies or night in a restaurant.

We also have to have a place where we could take our date,

For further exploration.

This method is similar to extrapolation, we care for how one part affects the other,

This way we will her or him and not another.


The dating scheme is an adventure in itself,

Unity of what you like with what you even like more,

And such is the game of life, we search for someone who could understand us little more.

After tests and questions and endless talks, I hope you got yourself out of the misery rock,

And were lucky enough to find not only her or him but little glimpses of the God.

As you will realize everything carries in itself a little amount of surprise.

And good will shine and make you live,

And dating scheme will no longer be tense, it would be a polished way

Of making love to that one that you have somewhere already seen,

But found closeness only now, when you stopped the dream and make the step

To better dawn.


Lemon Drops

Lemon Tree
Lemon Tree

Lemon drops are falling on the chimney tops

And I sit here waiting for the cry from above the sky,

I want to see men and women live and never die,

But my soul is as mortal as the body it cultivates.

I want to see that lemon tree,

That makes the bird come and sit and sip the lemon drops from lemons

Hanging and giving life to all those who desire and want.

I want to make the life come into every cave and every house,

Just imagine a bird fly above the mouse,

Carrying the lemon seeds, that lemon fruit perhaps will grow,

In place, there was no lemon ever before.

I might sit and wait for my soul to be,

And spring or summer turn my head into

The endless mettle of a jumpy man,

But I know there are streets where the road is paved and by its side,

There are plentiful of relatives to my lemon tree.

Every day and every night

I can feel the smell that smells so well,

That lemon flavor got out, and into the house, where I lay and read a book

That fills me with doubt.

Precious are moments that we don’t see, don’t feel but they are out,

And make us alive even when we don’t care that much really about.

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