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Echoes of Candor, by Adam Smith, is a meditative poetry anthology influenced by modern music and classical Western and Eastern philosophies. Adam bends the time barrier and cultural differences into lyrical words that are pleasant to the ear and soul. You will find rhyme, meaning, and originality among the lines of this book. There are eye-opening and honest pieces among the pages of this book that will entertain and educate you. Many of these poems and epigrams might even prove to be revelational.


Mettle of the Mind: Poetry of an Outsider is the result of three years of wandering through the country of Israel, where Adam Smith spent his childhood and most of his young adulthood.

He struggles with self-identification within the complex system of ideas in this vast world—online, and in the military-centered world around him in the Middle East. Smith meditates on topics of religion, true self, alcohol, and being one with the world and the moment.

You will find this work of poetry educational, amusing, and at times radical in regard to the state of the world.


In Buddha, Me, and a Cup of Tea, Adam Smith helps you tame your fears with his step-by-step guides and personal examples of how to maintain a calm mind in anxious situations. He has chosen Zen Buddhism and its guidance to express his being throughout different journeys in life.

This is a profound yet succinct guide to living in the present without losing the grasp of what may come. The breathing techniques described help to relieve stress, anxiety, and fear.

Grab a cup of tea and enjoy a good read that will make you think, meditate, and wonder.


Photographs and Sayings, by Adam Smith, is a collection of photos from all around the world with short and amusing sayings below them.
This book was made with a help of Sinapsa CD and Adam’s original thinking.
You will find the sayings at times amusing and at times eliciting you to wonder.
As for the photos, they are colorful and meant to bring joy to the eyes of the reader.
Overall this book is an entertaining journey throughout the captured world of photo and word.

Ever wanted to know what the people who impact the world think? This is your chance. Open the book and find out. Absorb the knowledge in this book and soon enough you will find yourself at 1%. It will take hard work a dedication, but as everything in this life it will pay off, so just start.

“Top Free Programs and Web Sites To Use On Windows Or How to Do Anything You Wanted with Your Computer in 2018” – Is a complete guide to software and applications; useful for every possible need you may have with your computer. It’s not a bible and not a step by step guide. It’s more of a reference and educational guide to programs and websites to use for free. And I mean it, completely for free. As you can see from the preview it discusses such things as free antivirus, Linux installation (and benefits of that), Adobe Photoshop free alternative, Bitcoin gathering and more. Once you purchase and read this guide it is recommended to implement along. Cause what is the use of knowledge if you cannot benefit from it? The guide contains enough information to invite the reader to learn more and use the tools in the guide itself to do so. Happy reading and learning new ways to use your computer.

Guide for Survival with little to no money in one of the biggest cities in Israel.
Can be helpful for homeless people as well as for broke tourists. Tel Aviv is chosen as a strategic point of survival due to the geographical location and cultural variety of the place in the entire state of Israel.

Words of Gold: Poetry of a Gentleman – is a compilation of poems by Adam Smith written on Christmas night in Jerusalem December 2017. The book is an entertaining meditation on different topics concerning life, ideas, and death, living and keeping on. It will a good read to all those who like wordplay and skillful articulation of the English language. Art is made to make us better as people otherwise I don’t see a point in it. This book is made to bring joy and inspiration. As an Author, I hope you’ll enjoy every bit of it.

When you live for long enough to grasp the truth of being you look closely into the eyes of death and search for meaning. Meaning that would be the rest of your life. Adam Smith author of this book found meaning in writing and poetry. This book is a compilation of glances upon different aspects of life and culture that require from a reader to think, feel, and even delve into the world the author sees with his eyes. To be honest, not everything is true in this book, but those little pictures that are drawn with words contain wisdom and truth of life, that is made to share and be shared by readers and philosophers of every kind. Nomad is a second name for a Kazakh. Adam was born in Kazakhstan and is a result of multiple blood bonds through centuries of life and struggle, and yet he is here to share what he knows.

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