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With fire in my eyes, I mold the world to my desire,

With fire in my soul I build the home, nobody shall conquer,

I spit fire when I fight and search for truth,

I’m the fire, I’m the fire, while I am the burning youth.

But fire comes and goes when all that stays is air,

And it would be only fair to say that once I’m old and the fire dies,

My children will ignite their share of air and earth to go and light on through this endless curse.





Jerusalem city of three religions

At times we don’t know where do we go

And finally, we know that the world isn’t spinning only around us

Maybe we should find God in every breath

And make it possible for coming generations to progress.

People mind too much today

But I say,

Enjoy the moment.

Enjoy the people,

Enjoy the day.

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